A Christmas Eve Story Featuring President George H.W. Bush

George H. W. Bush

President George H.W. Bush is being praised by all sides for being a great man as he is remembered this week.

There’s one story that makes you appreciate the man even more. Ronald Kessler, who has become a bit of an expert on the inside stories of the Secret Service, is sharing heartwarming stories about Bush 41.

Unlike some previous and post commanders-in-chief, the elder president Bush treated the agents with a high level of respect. So much so that he would stay in Washington, DC on Christmas Eve so the agents could be with their families. He’d wait until the day after Christmas to head to Texas.

As vice president, Bush lived in a residence nearby the White House and one secret service agent shared that he was hungry and took a break from his detail to find food in the kitchen. It was early in the morning and then VP Bush was hungry too, and he went into the kitchen. The pair ended up tracking down some elusive chocolate chip cookies the chef made.

Having milk and cookies with the vice president? Priceless. 

Jeff's show on Wednesday will only be an hour long, as WHO Radio will bring you the funeral of President George H.W. Bush LIVE beginning at 10 am.  You can listen LIVE by clicking below.

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