Kicking off a busy week at the Nebraska Power Farming Show

It's a busy week on The Big Show with several events going on.  Andy headed out to Lincoln, Nebraska to the 2nd largest indoor farm show in the U.S.:

Neb Power Show 1

Our friends from Mitas were kind enough to host us:

Neb Power Show 2

There's a lot of talk about these big floater tires and what benefits they can provide in the challenging conditions we can see:

Neb Power Show 3

Of course there were many different types of and sizes of tires on display:

Neb Power Show 4

One of the nice things about this show is the wide variety of equipment, from the biggest and newest available:

Neb Power Show 7

To the stuff for a smaller operation:

Neb Power Show 5

Of course, Greg and the Mitas gang were talking about when they floated this tractor in a pond at the Farm Progress Show:

Neb Power Show 6

And in case you were wondering how big that floater tire is...Andy is 6'4" tall:

Neb Power Show 8

The Nebraska Power Farming Show continues through Thursday, over 9.5 acres of farm equipment under a roof and you can find more here.

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