Micronutrient strategy is a key to yield, experts say

The agriculture industry has made giant steps in genetics in the last 10 to 20 years, allowing for yields never thought possible. Those yields, however, are unsustainable without the right nutrition. Plant fertility programs that include micronutrient management can help give your fields an edge next year. Kyle Lilly, senior product manager and certified crop adviser, for Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition, shares more on why a proper micronutrient strategy can help set your crops up for success next season starting with what steps to take now:

Yield potential

There are other benefits of spoon-feeding nutrients to crops, he says, including correcting transient nutrient deficiencies:

That cold stress

Genetic advancements, such as CRISPR, are allowing crops to thrive in conditions they wouldn’t have been able to previously, including drought and disease. Lilly says that has increased because of plant nutrient technology:

used in agriculture

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