Millennials Bring Back Real Christmas Trees

Christmas tree stock photo

I recently asked on Facebook -  do you like a real or artificial tree?

I was surprised at how many people answered similarly to me -  I'd PREFER a real tree but always put up an artificial one (as I did this past weekend).  There were various reasons for this, but my reason is that I am intimidated by the mess.  I do love the scent.  But there's artificial spray for that!!!

Interestingly, young people are bringing real trees back!

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Christmas tree prices have risen 17% because the millennial demand for them is so high. For starters, they are cutting out plastic from their lives – no doubt that will include Christmas trees. But there’s also a sense of nostalgia involved in the choice. They want their apartments to smell like pine, and they want to be able to pick the perfect, real tree for their holiday festivities.

The only part of the Association findings that I find strange is the "sense of nostalgia."  I would bet that many of the parents of the millennials had fake trees.  But wanting the scent and wanting to ditch the plastic does make sense to me.

So the feeling of hauling the tree box to the living room may be a fading memory!


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