Grandma’s Adventure Box Is The Best Gift Idea For Kids

Playground Against Trees

The recent eulogy by George W Bush of his father, George H.W. Bush, had all of us talking.  I talked on the radio show about how it impacted me:  that when all was said and done, I just want my kids to be good people.  And I hope that, when I am gone, my kids will be able to tell people that I modeled being a good person.

Of course, modeling means spending time with your kids (or grandkids).  That's why I was impressed by this grandma's gift.

While most of our kids really don’t need more toys, some loved ones, especially grandparents, are known to go over-the-top anyway for the holidays. But one grandma came up with the best alternative to giving her grandkids more stuff - she gave them the gift of time instead and made it an adventure.

Last Christmas, Darlene Waller gave her two oldest grandsons an “adventure box.” Her 11 and nine-year-old grandsons unwrapped a chest filled with envelopes and a note explaining that she was giving them family time adventures for their Christmas presents.

Each boy received 12 envelopes, labeled one per month with a specific theme. Inside each one is a different pre-planned and paid date for them with grandma, them with their parents, or them with their aunt and uncle. “Some you choose, some I choose,” the note explains. “But they are all fun as a family activity for us to do together.”

The kids have to wait to open an envelope at the beginning of each month to see what surprise they could look forward to, including activities like going to the movies, laser tag, bowling, and a baseball game. Waller’s grandson’s loved it and their parents did too because it gave them time together making memories and didn’t add any toys they lose interest in to the clutter.

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