Your Latest Hallmark Movie Obsession: Surfin' Santas

Many movies begin with the graphic, "Based on a true story."  NOT MANY Hallmark Christmas movies begin with that graphic.  We just want the usual: picturesque town, romance, a misunderstanding that upsets the romance, a reconciliation on Christmas Eve, and a wacky snowball fight.  But THIS Christmas movie IS based on true events.

Every year on Christmas Eve, the surf in Cocoa Beach, Florida turns red. As has been the case for the past decade, the red is the color of Santa suits -- hundreds of them.

This Christmas Eve is no different as the 10th Annual Surfing Santas event will feature a costume contest with categories that include participants of all ages, including babies. Who knows, one may come join the fun!

There will also be a surfing event when all of the Santas grab their boards and paddle out. The event supports two local non-profits, The Florida Surf Museum and Grind for Life, which provides assistance to cancer patients.

The event is so popular that the Hallmark Channel created a surfing Santas themed holiday movie.   I haven't seen it yet (I know:  surprise, surprise).  But I have many questions:  is one of the surfin' Santas secretly a prince?  In lieu of a wacky snowball fight, does a couple throw sand at each other and giggle?

Stay tuned.

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