Boulton ethics hearing confirmed for December 20th

UPDATE 12-13-2018:  Senator Jerry Behn says the meeting has been moved to Room 116 at the state Capitol.  It will still be held December 20th at 10am.

The Senate Ethics Committee isn't waiting until the next legislature to deal with a complaint that a Democratic State Senator engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior three years ago.  

Committee chair, Senator Jerry Behn of Boone tells WHO Radio News the committee will meet on the issue on Thursday December 20th at 10am in Room 22 at the Capitol.  

The charges came up during Senator Nate Boulton's aborted campaign for governor.  Lawyer and lobbyist Sharon Wegner charged that Boulton engaged in "agressive, repeated and assaultive grabbing"of her at a Des Moines bar in 2015.  

Boulton's refused to talk about the issue, saying he has "no memory" of any such incident.  But he's acknowledged he has had alcohol problems.  

Boulton filed a written answer to the charges, saying the committee doesn't have the right to rule on them, because they happened when he wasn't a state senator.

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