Man Charged $1,000 For Whopper

You heard Van, Bonnie, and Jeff talking about this:  Burger King has launched a promotion where you can get a one-cent coupon for a Whopper on your phone if you happen to drive near a McDonalds.  Which they all thought was genius -  until it all goes horribly wrong and someone gets a "whopper" bill.

That's the case with a Los Angeles man just wanted a one cent Whopper and ended up with a big bill.

Boyce Harvey says he selected the Whopper detour meal deal in the restaurant's app, but when he showed up to pick up his meal at a Quartz Hill Burger King. The app instructs you to place the order while being within 600 feet of a McDonald’s, which Boyce was.

When he went to pick up the one cent Whopper, the managers couldn't find it. So, he placed another order that totaled $8.99 and when he left he saw that he was charged over one thousand dollars.

That left a huge overdraft in his bank account and now Burger King is working to fix the mess. One lesson from this? Always check fast food receipts before leaving the store!

Have you ever NOT checked a receipt and gotten a big surprise when you got the bill?

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