Parents ‘Disappointed’ in Waukee School Board Response


WAUKEE, Iowa -- Parents and taxpayers in Waukee voiced their concerns to the Waukee School Board on Monday.

It was the first time the Waukee School Board addressed the finding of the state audit.

School Board President Wendy Liskey read a statement at the start of the meeting but didn't answer any questions directly.

“Anytime our finances are cast in a negative light, we realize we need to examine our policies and procedures," Liskey said

She said the board believes some portions of the audit are misleading and they have some documentation for that.

Parents at the meeting said they love the schools and teachers who work there, but think the board is making excuses instead of apologizing.

"What I am most appalled by is the lack of acceptance by the vast majority of you for your personal responsibility in creating this mess. Somehow you, the members of this board, believe that you have no culpability in these ongoing issues, problems and divisive culture that festers today in this district. Many of you have served multiple terms on this board meaning that you were here when the lack of oversight and the lack of fiduciary responsibility started happening years ago and you did nothing to stop it," a former teacher said.

Parent Todd Henderson said the school district has been the best place for his kids, but he is disappointed in the board.

“When I get another email from one of their teachers saying we need donations of clorox wipes or kleenex boxes because they don't have the funds, or if I get another email solicitation asking for fundraising from PTO I'll be thinking about that $130,000 figure from that audit," Henderson said.

One of the most controversial pieces of the audit is office furniture expenses, which Liskey said was not just for the superintendent's office, it was for all staff in the office-wide remodel.

The board did not answer any questions raised during public comment.

Former Rep. Rob Taylor said he had one question for the board that is still unanswered and he asked it multiple times during the meeting: “You are not untouchable and we know it. Help me understand why Eric Rose is still employed even after admitting misuse of money. I’m asking for an explanation.”

Liskey refused to answer him multiple times throughout the meeting after the board had moved on to other issues and even asked him not to speak again.

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