Sen. Boulton Responds to Ethics Complaint


DES MOINES, Iowa — State Senator Nate Boulton is denying the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Boulton wants the ethics committee to hold a public hearing on the matter.

The Democrat bowed out of the race for governor earlier this year after Sharon Wegner accused him of inappropriately touching her three years ago at a Des Moines bar. Wegner filed a formal complaint against Boulton.

Monday, his attorney responded, denying any wrongdoing.

Boulton’s lawyer says the alleged incident occurred before he was a state senator and therefore he can’t be held to Senate rules.

Boulton’s attorney also argues that Wegner continued to interact with Boulton both professionally and personally on more than a dozen occasions after the alleged incident, this despite the fact she claims she feared him.

Boulton says he does not remember much from the night in question due to extreme intoxication, so he's not sure what did or didn't happen. He says he is in counseling for substance abuse.

He has not been seated on any committees by Democratic leaders pending the outcome of the investigation.

Boulton says he has no intention of resigning from office.

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