Marshalltown icon damaged by July tornado demolished

Building at East Main and S. Center streets in Marshalltown hours after tornado

It was the first Marshalltown store with an elevator.  And it was a symbol of all the damage to the Marshalltown area from the July 19th tornado this year.  Now it's gone.

The building was demolished Wednesday, after the tornado ripped off the brick structure, making it unsafe. The building had been vacant when the tornado hit and was placed for sale or rental at the time.

The building was first built in the late 1800's.  One resident says it was the site of the first retail store in downtown Marshalltown-and was the first store with an elevator between its three floors.  

Thousands of newspapers, websites and media outlets from around the country sported pictures after the tornado that showed the bricks of the building that were sucked up by the tornado and dumped on the street in front of it. 

Marshalltown Mayor Joel Greer says it's one of many buildings that face demolition in the aftermath of the tornado that tore the downtown area apart and damaged many homes northwest of there. 

Greer says he hopes the building site will be used to build a structure with retail on the first floor and three floors of housing on top.

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