UI hazing: pepper sauce in eyes, assault, forced drinking


IOWA CITY, Iowa - Hazing at several fraternities at the University of Iowa included squirting pepper sauce in students' eyes, body-slamming, fighting, and forced heavy drinking, according to details of an investigation by UI.  

Most of the pledges were not drinking age.  

The University has banned four fraternities.  One for hazing, and three for multiple alcohol violations.  Six others have been put on probation.   

According to an investigative report by KCRG-TV 9 in Cedar Rapids, recently released documents from the University of Iowa detail the accusations of hazing and alcohol abuse that led to a campus ban of the Beta-Rho Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

In a letter, sent to Paul Arnal, president of the chapter, the University of Iowa accuses the fraternity of seven school code violations during six events in the fall of 2018.

  • Placed the 2018 pledge class in a room and told them they needed to finish all the alcohol in the room, including bottles of hard liquor, cases of beer, and bottles of wine, in a small allotted amount of time. The majority of the 2018 pledge class consists of underage students.
  • The 2018 pledge class was told to carry a book about the fraternity and not put it down. Alcohol was involved in this incident and members who did not comply with the requirements were put through a ritual known as “the gauntlet,” which included physical assault with the use of body-slamming and forcing members to fight through a wall of fraternity brothers.
  • Members of the 2018 pledge class were told to arrive at 1:30 a.m. on November 2, 2018, and were put through activities and events including squirting hot sauce into new members eyes.
  • Members of the 2018 pledge class were told that initiation would be in the spring and they would be required to arrive a week before classes begin to engage in "hell week" and they are not allowed to leave at any time.
  • The chapter hosted a private party at Union bar on October 11, 2018, which was not an approved event.
  • The chapter provided wristbands to potential new members to attend a FAC event, known as "The Jungle," at the Summit bar on September 11, 2018.

The document release comes on the heels of the UI's announcement, Thursday, that four fraternities, including Kappa Sigma, would not be allowed to operate on campus following an investigation into incidents involving hazing and alcohol.

The Delta Chi, Sigma Nu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon colony were the other three fraternities notified they would no longer be allowed to operate at Iowa. Their ban follows multiple alcohol-related violations, university officials said.

“Parents and families send their loved ones to the UI with the expectation that their safety, health, and well-being will be the top priority,” University of Iowa President J. Bruce Harreld said in a statement, Thursday. “These decisions honor that expectation.”

The fraternities will not continue to operate as a recognized fraternity or a registered student organization. It means Iowa will no longer recognize the four fraternities and they will no longer receive the funding other student organizations do.

The Kappa Sigma International Fraternity has revoked the charter of the Beta-Rho chapter after the investigation confirmed violations of both university and international fraternity policies regarding alcohol and hazing.

The university said the decision to ban the four fraternities will affect about 400 students. Men will be allowed to live in the frat houses since they're privately-owned. New pledges will get a chance to pledge elsewhere.

The university also investigated nine other fraternities, placing six on probation and one on suspension.

*Phi Kappa Psi: There was not a preponderance of evidence to find the chapter responsible for accusations, including tailgates. 

*Sigma Chi: There was not a preponderance of evidence to find the chapter responsible for allegations, including tailgates.

*Acacia: Placed on probation

*Beta Theta Pi: Placed on probation

*Pi Kappa Alpha: Placed on probation

*Pi Kappa Phi: Placed on probation

*Sigma Phi Epsilon: Placed on probation

*Sigma Pi: Placed on probation

*Phi Delta Theta: Placed on deferred suspension

Implementation of the approved recommendations will begin no later than spring 2019. Students have until January 11 to appeal the university's decision.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternities and Panhellenic Council (PHC) sororities banned alcohol at fraternity and sorority events after a student died off campus in 2017. Friends found Kamil Jackowski dead at their formal for Sigma Chi at Lake of the Ozarks. 

In October, the university opened an investigation into nine fraternities over alcohol use at tailgates.

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