Waukee School financial scandal not settled for everyone


WAUKEE, Iowa - Waukee's School Board says it hopes the resignation of its Chief Operating Officer puts immediate closure to the issue of the misspent money.  

A State Auditor's report found $130-thousand dollars in questionable spending.  Former Waukee Schools COO Eric Rose was arrested Saturday, facing three felony charges.  

Some Waukee residents say it's not over.  Others are calling for members of the Waukee School Board to resign.   

"It's obviously a much bigger problem."  Jacklyn Kurtz tells WHO TV Channel 13 news.  "I think more needs to be done, and there's probably a lot more people involved than just him."

One of Rose`s attorneys, Steve Wandro, thinks the problem extends beyond his client.

“People are always looking for the easy solution, to find one boogeyman who is responsible for all of this. That’s not the case at all,” Wandro said.

Wandro says the three felony charges filed against Rose have little to do with misspending and are instead focused on the results of a 2016 audit accusing him of falsifying time cards.

“Mr. Rose wanted to make sure that maintenance person was paid for his time, and it totals $186 dollars,” Wandro said.

Channel 13's Whitney Blakemore asked Wandro, “So he’s only getting charged, his three felonies, are only dealing with $186 of the $130,000 misuse of funds found in the audit?”

“Yes, that’s our understanding as we sit here today,” Wandro replied.

As the case works its way through the criminal system, the Waukee School Board President Wendy Liskey is ready to move on, releasing a statement reading:

“We regret that our decision over two years ago has eroded confidence and trust in the district Administration and the board. Our action this morning shows us taking responsibility. It brings immediate closure to this matter to help ensure that district staff can now remain focused on the positive work they are doing for the students of this district.” - Waukee School Board President Wendy Liskey said.

Rose's attorney says he's puzzled by the charges filed over the weekend that he called “old news” and are regarding the two 2016 investigative reports that were since rectified.

When reaching out to the Dallas County Attorney’s Office today, they said they are prohibited by ethical rules to reveal why they believe they have enough evidence to file charges, now two years later.

The school district has paid three former employees $1.3 million in settlements after they lost their jobs after complaining about Rose's behavior. There is still one civil case open against Rose and the school district that was filed in January by a former administrative assistant who says she was retaliated against after reporting some of Rose's misdeeds.

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