Aquaman vs Mary Poppins! Who Ya Got?

If projections are correct, “Aquaman” should swim through Christmas weekend with big earnings. The film starring Norwalk's own Jason Momoa is expected to gross more than $100 this weekend after it premieres on Friday, December 21st.

But it still has competition… “Mary Poppins Returns” is getting a head start in the box office as it debuted Wednesday. Tracking shows that the musical could gross around $55 million for the five-day period, and $70 between now and Christmas day.

But outside of projections, “Aquaman” has shown a lot of promise already when it comes to numbers. Overseas, where it premiered two weekends ago, the Warner Bros and DC superhero film has already made $270 million. 

I admittedly have a Marvel bias, but the only newer DC film that I've liked in the past few years is  “Wonder Woman."  And DC films haven’t exactly been burning up the box office

“Aquaman” could be Warner Bros’ chance to reinvigorate the DC franchise. Given the hype, and the amount it has made overseas already… fans may finally feel excited about a DC flick again.

Will you see Aquaman because an Iowa kid is starring in it?  Or are you a Mary Poppins fan?  (I'll probably see both).

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