Johnny Depp Won't Be In Next "Pirates Of The Caribbean"

EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Depp stunned fans on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland last night (wed) - by making a surprise appearance dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. The legendary actor wore his trademark Pirate outfit as he shocked delighted theme p

I loved the first "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie.  I remember being excited to see a movie about pirates (it is right up there with movies about ninjas) and this movie his all the right notes.

Then there are the subsequent movies.

I watched them for their amazing visuals, but the plots were convoluted and, ultimately, I gave up trying to follow them.  I just liked the special effects and the performance of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Speaking of which, the next "Pirates" movie will NOT feature Depp.

Disney's film production chief says he will not be reprising his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, who he has played since 2003, because the company wants to bring a new energy to the film franchise.

Translated:  Disney ingeniously finds ways to reinvigorate its movies every few years so it can continue to sell merchandise.  Hence, the live-action "Beauty And The Beast" and the upcoming CGI "Lion King."  The final Depp "Pirates" version tanked last year, with both to critics and audiences panning it.

Depp recently revealed in an interview with GQ that film producers used to hate the way he portrayed the character. 

I find that hard to believe.  I recently took the grandkids on a Disney cruise and an actor posing as Captain Jack Sparrow took pictures with guests.  He portrayed the character just as Depp did and the fans were delighted.

One bit of good news:  The writers of “Deadpool” are crafting the new script and direction.  Though I doubt that Disney will announce that the next film will be R-rated.

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