Weekend Update: Lots Of Folks Not Done With Christmas Shopping

If you are someone who waits until the last minute to do all your Christmas shopping, you are certainly not alone. This is the final weekend before Christmas AND a LOT of people still have plenty of gifts to buy.

According to a new survey, close to one third of shoppers have only finished about 50% of their holiday shopping. What’s more, 32% report having 25 to 49% of their shopping left, while 37% say they have about 24% to complete.

And while you may think it’s too late to do your purchases online, it seems a lot of folks are taking the chance that their gifts will not get here in time, with 59% of people saying they will do the remainder of their shopping both online and in-store, while 15% are looking to finish their purchases solely online. 

So, what will all these last-minute shoppers be buying? Well, 59% say they will pick up gift cards, while 44% will be buying clothing and accessories, and 38% will be buying toys and games.

I am happy to report that I am done.  Now the greatest challenge: wrapping.  I am terrible at it.  By the time I am done winding paper around the gifts and applying one-mile of tape, my presents look like red and green meteorites.  But at least they stand out under the tree.

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