Christmas paper: Recycle or throw away?


DES MOINES, Iowa -- Holiday cheer generally means a lot of holiday trash, which can be challenging to deal with.   

According to WHO Channel 13, Metro Waste Authority wants to let customers know that certain things from the holiday cannot be recycled.

“The key to wrapping paper is if it shines it is not recyclable. Although it’s gorgeous and fun and festive to have under the Christmas tree, if it glitters, sparkles, shines, unfortunately it is not recyclable,” said Leslie Irlbeck of the Metro Waste Authority.

Certain gift bags follow the same rule.

“If it’s a simple bag that is pretty basic paper, it can be recycled again just like wrapping paper. If it shines or glitters or has metallic on it, it can be reused but not recycled,” Irlbeck said.

If extra waste doesn’t fit in your bins, there can be a simple solution in close proximity.

“If you’re short on recycling or garbage space, maybe your neighbors were out of town this year and they have a lot of extra space. That can be the most convenient way to help dispose of that stuff that’s a little extra excessive this time of year,” Irlbeck said.

In the next few days, the decorations will be packed away until next year, and for those of you with live Christmas trees, curbside collection starts Dec. 31.

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