Emery and Jeff Were Today's Designated Bonnie's!

Hope you all had a great Christmas.  I (Van) had last week off.

Today, our producer Emery Songer and Jeff Angelo helped fill in for Bonnie, as she's now on vacation until next week. We chatted about what The Alamo really looks like and what kind of atmosphere is going on in San Antonio ahead of the Iowa State-Washington State matchup in the Alamo Bowl:

Tomorrow’s going to be a wild one as from 6 to 8 am out in front of our IHeart, WHO Radio building at 2141 Grand, we will be handing out free lottery play coupons. It’s a big jack pot, plus, Terry Rich, retiring Director of the Iowa Lottery, will be filling in for Bonnie!  Should be a hoot.  Just drive up and a beautiful young lady will hand you the freebie!


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