LOOK what Andy finally did

Cooked a turkey on his smoker, and the reviews were actually positive!  Of course, he's been offering for a couple years now but the job of cooking the centerpiece of the family meal has traditionally been taken.  So he took matters into his own hands, deciding to do it anyway.  After thawing, it was a dry brine for about 24 hours:

Turkey 2

Then some mustard applied to the bird:

Turkey 3

In order to allow for the rub to stick:

Turkey 4

A mix of pecan and apple chips were used to provide a sweeter smoke:

Turkey 5

And into the cooker went the bird:

Turkey 6

It ended up taking way longer than expected, nearly 8 hours at 225 but it looked good once the meat got up to temperature and the meat literally fell off the bone.  In fact, they nearly had a disaster when Andy grabbed the bird by the legs and as you can see the one bone just came right out:

Turkey 7

After letting it rest for about 2 hours in his food warmer, it was time to eat:

Turkey 1

Afterwards, one of the guests asked Andy to cook for an upcoming fundraiser so things must have been ok and a Merry Christmas was had by all.  Details on that fundraiser coming soon, for now how was your Christmas?

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