Teacher Rudely Demands Freebies, Internet Strikes Back

One of the stories driving conversation on the radio show in 2018 was the results of an audit of the Waukee school district.  You'll recall that the audit found $130,000 in tax money spent that the auditor said was "not in the best interest of taxpayers."

As part of their response to the audit, school leaders argued that the total amount was a small part of the district's budget.  In response, one parent told the school board that he would remember that response when being asked to donate items to a teacher's classroom that the district claims it can't afford.

In summary, parents praised the work of the teachers in the school district, and told the board that mismanagement hurts both the teachers AND the students.

Parents know teachers have a TOUGH job.  But...even the good will afforded teachers can be retracted in extreme instances.

Bored Panda shared a text exchange between a teacher and an artist, in which the teacher basically demands that the artist produce 120 vinyl decals with her school’s logo for free. When the teacher first asks for the decals the artist turns her down explaining that she’ll be taking a few weeks off to help her husband recover from surgery but adds that she’d be glad to help her after the new year and give her a discount on the decals.

That’s when the teacher questions the offer for a discount, noting that the friend who recommended her “didn’t say you’d charge me for them,” and then complained “I don’t see why you can’t just make them for me. It can’t be that difficult.” 

The artist then told the teacher because of her rudeness, “I’m not interested in working with you. Not now or in the future, please leave me alone.” This made the teacher furious, threatening to leave negative reviews about her store and adding that if her students' Christmas is ruined “it’s on you.”

But the teacher wasn’t going to be swayed reiterating that she is concentrating on her husband’s surgery, noting that was more important “than your inability to plan ahead,” adding, “If their Christmas is ruined it’s on you.”

As you might have imagined...folks were shocked at the rudeness of the teacher. “This comes from the 'customers are always right’ policies,'” one person wrote. “It teaches idiots that if they bitch and whine enough they will get it for free.”

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