During Shutdown, IRS May Say, "No Refund For You!"

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The Tax Man Cometh...but perhaps not with your refund.  The IRS is about to further endear itself with taxpayers during the partial government shutdown.  It has enough employees to TAKE your money, but not enough to process refunds.

The IRS is one of the departments shut down as President Trump and Congressional Democrats argue over funding a border wall.

As the shutdown continues, the IRS says Americans can still file their 2018 tax returns, but they will not be able to process any refunds until after the shutdown ends. But don’t think that means you’re off the hook for paying your taxes – those will be due as scheduled – April 15th.

The reasoning is simple. For now only 12-point-five percent of the ten-thousand IRS employees are working. Once tax-filing season picks up steam later this month, they just may not have the manpower to process returns. If the shutdown ends soon, Americans will probably not notice any delay in getting their refunds. If it drags on into February however, it is likely there will be delays.

I've been talking about the messaging war that is taking place between the Democrats and the Republicans over the partial shutdown.  You KNOW that the Democrats are aware that the longer that the shutdown continues, the more likely it will be that taxpayers are going to be demanding their refunds.

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