Attacks with Pizza, Bananas On The Rise

2019 has its first trend and it involves criminal activity.  Apparently, attacks with food items are on the rise.  You heard WHO Radio report on a banana attack in Des Moines on New Year's Day. 

 And now you can add pizza to the growing list that police find dangerous.

A Florida man is in custody after allegedly attacking his father with a pizza late last week. Officers responded to his Holiday home to find pizza toppings splattered inside and Robert Houston outside on the lawn.

Houston's father told police his son shoved pizza in his face, held him down and yelled at him upon returning from a walk. Houston said he attacked his father because he was mad after learning that his dad helped deliver him as a baby.

I am not sure WHY that revelation would have led to a green pepper and olive-based attack, expect for this explanation:  it's Florida.

You'll recall the memorable local banana story from New Year's Day:  

Police said Rogelio Tapia attacked a female clerk with the fruit at a QuikTrip in Des Moines around 3 a.m. and chased the clerk around the convenience store.

Witnesses told police Tapia tossed the banana and items at the clerk, leaving behind about $1,000 in damage.  Police said that, before the attack, the clerk had been attempting to step in on a “domestic situation” involving Tapia.

This is why the folks at WHO Radio work around the clock, including holidays.

Of course, Monty Python fans are been prepared for years for these situations. 

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