Is It Weird To Watch Everyone ELSE Get Snow???

It was a beautiful weekend across Iowa.  Many Iowans (including me!) took advantage of temps in the 50s to walk, bike, and take down those Christmas lights (thank you!).  But people across the nation weren't so lucky.  Isn't it weird for Iowans to watch OTHER areas of the country battle snow?

In Des Moines, we are now in record-setting territory.  Amber Alexander, meteorologist for WHO TV 13 in Des Moines, says Des Moines has yet to see its first 1” snowfall. The 2018/2019’s winter season will become the latest on record to see the first 1” snow as it surpasses the current record from 1979/1980 on Jan 5. Amber also says there are no chances for snow in the foreseeable forecast -  in other words, the next ten days.

Other areas of the country haven't been so lucky.

An intense winter storm is wreaking havoc on the West Coast.

Over 300-thousand power outages were reported in Washington state earlier this weekend. The storm which is packing rain, thick snow and strong winds has persisted through the weekend around the Pacific Northwest. In Southern California some cars became flooded in mudslides, prompting the Pacific Coast highway to be closed in both directions until Monday at the earliest.

Winds reached 70 miles an hour, funnel clouds were spotted over the water at Long Beach, California, while mudslides hit areas affected by wildfires. Heavy snow, with white out conditions, hit Northern California.

Winds topping speeds of 60-miles-per hour were recorded at Seattle-Tacoma Airport early this morning. Weather experts predict two more storms to hit the region this week.

On the more tranquil side, a tweet from the University Of Oklahoma this weekend:

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