New App Forces Kids To Reply To Parents

Here's an experience that I've had as a dad -  and I am SURE you can relate.

You call your kid and get no answer.  You follow the call with a text -  which is immediately answered.  After nearly a year of this happening, my kids told me that they prefer texting over talking on the phone.  That is DEFINITELY a "thing" among the younger generation.

Within the first couple of years that my kids got their smartphones, they were pretty good at texting back to me right away.  And then the reply time got longer...and longer...and longer...

Technology provided the problem.  Now it provides the answer.

Parents who are frequently annoyed with their child's lack of response to texts may benefit from a new app. ReplyASAP was created by a dad in order to ensure a response to parents’ texts. You know how parents worry.

The app can freeze a child's phone and even sound an alarm while the phone is in silent mode, forcing them to reply to the parents before the other functions on the phone are released. It’s brilliant and evil at the same time!

The app already has over 75-thousand downloads. Creator Nick Herbert says it isn’t a punishment, just a guarantee that parents can talk to kids. The app isn’t limited to kids… spouses can use it too.

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