Here it comes: Snow, whipping winds, bitter cold IOWA MAP

DES MOINES, Iowa - Beginning in the early morning hours Thursday, we have our first of two winter weather systems in Iowa this weekend. 

There'll be a mix of light drizzle, freezing drizzle and some light snow. This may make roads slick again early on Thursday for the morning commute. Snow accumulation looks to stay under 1″.

A stronger system in Iowa on Friday and Saturday 

Expect both snow and colder air. Light snow will begin early Friday afternoon in central Iowa. Deeper moisture will build in later Friday night and snowfall will intensify into early Saturday morning.

This will be drier snow compared with the heavier snow last weekend. While snow totals won’t be as high with this storm, likely 3-6″ widespread with isolated higher amounts, winds will increase on Friday night  cold temperatures move in on Saturday. 

Blowing snow will be an issue, leading to reduced visibility. This may also cause snow to blow over the roads, making them slick at times throughout the entire weekend. 

Temperatures will fall into the single digits the day, with wind chills well below zero. Sunday, temperatures may not rise about 0 in parts of the state.

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