Man Buries Engagement Ring; Makes Girlfriend Find it

I am SO glad that I am a happily married man.  I missed the era of "promposals" -  elaborately planned exercises meant to ask a girl to prom.  I just asked.  And asked.  And asked (I got told, "no" multiple times).  Come to think of it, how embarrassing would it be to execute an elaborate promposal to be told no?  Would you REPEAT the promposal for another girl or need to come up with a new plan?  Argh...the pressure!

And, of course, there is the meticulously planned proposal.  I am NOT talking about walking a girl to a romantic spot and having a friend nearby to record the moment.  I am talk about plans like the latest and STRANGEST proposal:

A prospective groom from England buried his engagement ring on the grounds of an old castle in England.

Jamille Swainson hid the sapphire and diamond studded engagement ring in the ground before taking his girlfriend, Harriet Haseler, on an "activities day," which included using metal detectors. It seems Harriet grew up doing such activities with her grandmother. Only this time she came across a metal box shaped like a military drum. 

When she opened it, there was a hessian sack inside where the ring was being hidden.

Harriet said they had been finding all sorts of things that day with the metal detector and thought she had just found an old box with some old jewelry in it. That is, until she realized he was down on his knee asking her to marry him. She said yes and there in the midst of planning their special day.

All I know is...if you're going to come up with a unique plan to'd BETTER be sure she's gonna say "yes!"

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