More growth and development for Johnston


JOHNSTON, Iowa – The Des Moines suburb of Johnston continues to grow as more homes and commercial development are planned for the future. 

The city saw $58.4 million of new taxable valuation in 2018.

The valuation includes over 70 new single-family homes and over $8 million in community projects.

City of Johnston Economic Development Manager Adam Plagge tells WHO Channel 13 the city has taken over two large developments.

One development is 1,500 acres of land off of Highway 141 and NW Saylorville Drive where the city can see up to 10,000 new homes if all of the land is developed.

“This coming year we will get through that engineering. Beginning next year we will be installing the sewer and water lanes. That will open up that area for development, so in 2020-2021 you’ll start seeing new growth along that 141 corridor,” Plagge said.

Plagge said the city of Johnston has a steady increase of 200-250 residents each year.

In addition, a small annexation by Birchwood Crossing north of I-80 is planned to be developed for commercial use.

“The number of new investments and infrastructure, such as the New Town Center Project. Every several years we do a community survey and ask the citizens what they are looking for from the city in terms of services and growth. The response we often get is need for additional retail and commercial development,” Plagge said.

Plagge said the New Town Center Project will begin construction on city hall in the fall of 2019.

The project will create new dining, retail and civic space off of Merle Hay Road and NW 62nd Avenue.

A final design for the Town Center Project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

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