Variety's Mommy & Me: Sweetheart Dance & Charity Date Auction Events

Megan Grandgeorge joined Van & Bonnie this morning to chat about a couple of big events Variety-the Children's Charity has coming up...Mommy & Me Sweetheart Dance and the Charity Date Auction.  The 6th Annual Mommy & Me: Sweetheart Dance is Saturday, January 26th at the FFA Enrichment Center. The 8th Annual Des Moines Sweetheart Charity Date Auction is Saturday, February 9th from 6-9PM at Jasper Winery.  Twenty of the most eligible guys and gals from around Des Moines will be on the auction block.  For details on these events, go to  You can hear Megan's entire interview with Van and Bonnie here...


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