Super blood wolf moon over Des Moines

Photos by Maureen Sullivan

DES MOINES, Iowa - People in Des Moines and central Iowa were treated to a rare lunar eclipse known as a super blood wolf moon on Sunday night. Sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere lit the celestial body in a dramatic fashion and turned it red.

Some lucky enough to have clear skies in parts of North and South America were able to see a total lunar eclipse.

The photo above and others below are from Maureen Sullivan and offer a look at the unusual color of the moon, which gives it the distinctive red color it is named for.

The photo below is a time lapse taken by photographer Justin Patchin.

The ''wolf'' part of the name comes from howling heard from wolves outside of villages long ago.    

Time-lapse photo by Justin Patchin
Photo by Maureen Sullivan
Photo by Maureen Sullivan


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