Check out this cool scholarship opportunity for students

Students who are passionate about changing the world for the better can get up to $5,000 to support their education through POET’s Never Satisfied program. Scholarship applications close on Friday, Feb. 1.

POET, the world’s largest producer of biofuels, is offering scholarships to students enrolled in any two- or four-year post-secondary school, regardless of major or GPA. POET is expanding its scholarship program, now in its third year, to support 10 students for a cumulative total of up to $50,000.

In 2018, Emily Saeugling of Atlantic, Iowa earned a Never Satisfied Scholarship as a student at Iowa State University.

"For over 30 years, we've been changing the world with one big idea after another,” said Kyle Gilley, POET Senior Vice President of External Affairs and Communications. “Our strength has come from the communities we're connected to, and we've excited to support our future innovators and change-makers as they strive to fulfill their big ideas.”

To apply for the POET Never Satisfied Scholarships, click here.

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