Clive, Iowa Police warn of phone scam

CLIVE, Iowa-   Clive Police are warning about a phone scam, in which someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration says you're being investigated for having drug money in the bank.   Police say a resident reported such a phone call recently, and said the caller had a thick accent, and wanted the Clive Police Department's number.   Clive Police say the person who identified himself as Edwin Edison, and was calling from 855-287-4793. 

Police say the same resident then got a call from someone claiming to be Officer Hamas Marshall, with Clive P-D, although the caller had trouble pronouncing "Clive-Iowa.'  

Police say during that phone call, the resident made the mistake of giving out the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Clive Police are advising the citizen to put a fraud alert on their credit account,  because if the scammers are verifying the SS#, that means that they already have the full number. 

Clive Police remind residents to be careful giving out personal identity information over the phone.  If anyone contacts you over the phone identifying themselves as a local police officer, please hangup and contact the police department or dispatch center and ask for that officer.

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