Man Claims He Was Fired For NOT Cheating On His Wife

There's been a LOT of good done in offices across the nation as a result of the #metoo movement.  I think men across the country reevaluated how they treat their female co-workers.  One of the big changes:  thinking that a woman was flattered by awkward flirting.

However, serious sexual harassment remains a problem -  and it doesn't just have female victims.  Or, at least, that's what one man wants you to believe.

Real estate broker Regis Roumila is claiming that after just four months on the job he was terminated because he wouldn't cheat on his wife.

Roumila took a job at the exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate offices in New York City. He says that shortly after he started he was forced to fend off advances from a female colleague on a regular basis. He claims that his 29-year-old supervisor Sarine Atamian kept trying to hug and kiss him, while always asking him out for drinks and dinner, and staring at him “all hours of the day."

When he tried to complain to management, they ended up firing him after just four months for what he says are “vague, non-specific allegations” regarding “social interactions” in the workplace that were “looked down upon at Christie’s.” A Christie’s spokeswoman said the lawsuit “is without merit and we will respond accordingly."

So, the jury is still out on whether this actually happened.  But I have no doubt it DOES happen in offices across the country.  It's a matter of the power imbalance -  note that the accused here is a supervisor -  and how one can abuse it.

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