Worst drivers in America STATE BY STATE MAP

Worst Drivers ranked by state - Lending Tree

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa drivers are in the middle of the pack in a new ranking of the worst drivers in America, but Nebraska, Minnesota, and Illinois rank among the worst and best drivers in the nation.

 Iowa comes in at number 20 in the ranking by Lending Tree.

Among the worst drivers in the nation, Minnesota is number 6, Nebraska is number 3, and Maine is number 1.

At the bottom of the list of worst drivers is Illinois, at number 46 out of 50, making Illinois drivers among the very best in the nation.  

The new study by Lending Tree looks at crashes, fatal crashes, DUIs, Speeding, and other tickets. 

The best drivers in America are in Michigan, ranking 50th on the worst driver list.   

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