Allegedly Drunk Pilot Arrested Before Flight

Like many Iowans, I love to travel. I am not scared of flying and have become accustomed to hearing announcements that take-off is being delayed because of "minor mechanical issues" (once it was a problem with a microwave) or "paperwork issues" (one flight had to count all the snacks). On my recent flight to Vegas, we were told that we were experiencing a delay in take-off from Des Moines because of the dreaded "paperwork" issues. The "issue" being experienced by the passengers was that a major snowstorm was predicted to hit Des Moines on the afternoon we were flying to Vegas. The passengers were practically screaming, "take off!" by the time we rolled out to the runway. We did get out before the snow.

One problem I have never faced: a drunk pilot. Apparently...that's a possibility.

Travelers heading to Philadelphia from Manchester, England were forced to wait for a new pilot on Thursday. I bet they were glad to wait when they found out why.

Seems the person scheduled to fly flight AA735 was arrested on suspicion of intoxication. Greater Manchester Police had been given a tip that a pilot may be drunk, they checked out the unnamed 62-year-old, and made the bust.

Passengers were rebooked onto another flight after things calmed down and American Airlines released a statement where they apologized for the inconvenience, but added “safety is our highest priority.”


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