The WORST Valentine's Day Gifts

Heads up! Valentine's Day is tomorrow. You have two assignments: don't forget and don't get your loved one a CRAPPY gift.

Not every person is adept at finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and now some folks are sharing with Buzzfeed some of the truly awful gifts they’ve been given on what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. Some are so bad you may wonder how they ever found someone to date them in the first place.Truly awful Valentine’s Day gifts include:“I got a T-shirt with a picture of my boyfriend on it that had a poem on the back detailing how awesome and sweet he was.”“I was about to move eight hours away for a life-saving lung transplant and was on oxygen 24/7. My boyfriend of four years bought me jeans because he was tired of me 'not caring about my appearance” and wanted me to dress nicer.'”“My boyfriend drew me pictures of people having sex in different positions. It was awkward.”“My ex gave me a handful of seeds. He said he was allergic to flowers, so I could grow my own. They weren’t even in a bag or anything, he took them out of his pocket!”“My ex made us dinner reservations at a nice steakhouse which he cancelled. To try to make up for it, he wrote me a note and SPELLED MY NAME WRONG. We had been together over a year.”“ My ex got me frozen flowers he stole from a local cemetery.”“My now ex picked me up in a limo, took me to the fanciest hotel in town, wined and dined me all V-day weekend. When he brought me back home via limo, he says to me, ‘Oh, your half of the cost is $450...can you write me a check?’”“I got a 24-pack of instant oatmeal.”“I didn't get anything because my ex boyfriend's birthday was on Valentine's day. He said that was his day.”

I have never forgotten a special day because an incident in my young life taught me a valuable lesson. My mom would always tell her dad that her birthday was nothing special and he shouldn't get her anything. One year, HE TOOK HER UP ON THE OFFER. No card, no gift, no cake. Dad didn't know that sometimes women don't mean what they say. Needless to say, I was called aside and quietly given money to walk to the nearby store to get candy and a card. It cut down on the time that mom didn't talk to dad...but didn't TOTALLY eliminate it (she knew I'd gotten the stuff...Dad tried to play it off as if he had the gifts all along...).

Lesson learned.


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