Pooping Superintendent Sues The Police

I recall writing about this story when it happened: someone was pooping around a school's track field. The perpetrator was, at first, called the "mystery pooper." Cameras will set up around the area. And soon the "mystery pooper" became the "pooperintendent."

The footage showed Thomas Tramaglini, the former Kenilworth schools superintendent. doing the squatting before he pled guilty.

Now the New Jersey superintendent is suing local police over his mug shot.

Tramaglini, in filing the suit, says that authorities "altered his life forever" and violated his constitutional rights when they released his mug shot on the internet. Tramaglini was issued a summons when the mug shot was released, on charges related to human feces being found daily on Holmdel High School's track and football field.

He claims that the local police's "unlawful conduct" contributed to national attention and his ruined reputation. Tramaglini received more than 100-thousand dollars after resigning from his education position.

I think it was the actual pooping around the track (while he was jogging) that caused the notoriety. After all, criminal acts are public knowledge and police release mug shots (you've looked at a LOT of them, haven't you???). I think the lawsuit is more about causing pain for the police than actually winning. After all, doesn't that mug shot make Tramaglini look like a guy who is out for REVENGE?

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