Man With Service Dog Bites Officer

You read that headline right: a guy with a service dog bit a police officer. The DOG was was the guy at the OTHER END of the leash that bit the cop.

Of course, I was drawn to this story because FAKE service dogs have frequently been a topic on my show. Last week, Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill into law that will penalize people for having a FAKE service dog. I interviewed my friend Becky Beach of Puppy Jake Foundation as to HOW to spot a fake service dog. Her honest reply: "you can't." Although there are tasks that a service dog can perform (and you can ask the owner), if a veteran has a service dog due to PTSD issues, what the dog does is readily apparent.

That said, the concern over FAKE service dogs is that they are disruptive and downright dangerous. Real service dogs are well-mannered and calm. Too bad that we can't say the same of the OWNER of a service dog.

A Cleveland Hopkins International Airport officer got quite the surprise when he was bit…. by a disruptive man.

The offender had a service dog, who was much more well behaved than his owner. The officer was called because the suspect was being difficult with TSA officers and during a scuffle, said guy bit the officer.

Needless to say, he ended up in jail, and the service dog was taken to the city kennel. Oh… the officer is fine.

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