New disaster bill, Iowa's Axne wants money for levees, highways

Cindy Axne helps with flooding clean up in Pacific Junction in April.  Photo WHO TV

DES MOINES, Iowa - U.S. Congresswoman Cindy Axne of Iowa is expected to speak in the U.S. House later today or tomorrow morning, asking for nearly a billion dollars in additional disaster money after catastrophic flooding on both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

Democrats who control the House will introduce a new supplemental disaster bill totaling $17 billion dollars, with $3 billion already targeted to the Midwest.

Axne's request would mean additional money to repair levees, drainage, and highways in the flood zones.

The first bill introduced by Democrats in January was rejected by the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate, who wrote their own bill. That bill, in turn, was rejected by the Democratic-controlled U.S. House.

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