Where's Matt Lauer? NOT CNN

Man, did Matt Lauer pull a disappearing act after being fired as the host of The Today Show. You'll recall that he was removed immediately from the promotional ads for the show. We were also told to recognize the fact that the show is now co-hosted by two women and we're constantly being updated on the progress of the #metoo movement by people who claim that they had no knowledge that he had button under his desk that allowed him to lock his door from the inside without getting up.

So is Lauer about to resurface...at CNN??? After all, the network that has decided to brand itself as virulently anti-Trump has seen its ratings tank since the issuance of the Mueller Report.

But how did this Matt Lauer rumor start in the first place?

Rumors started flying after the former “Today” anchor was spotted laughing and talking with Jeff Zucker at a party. It was at a 54th birthday party for the CNN boss. Since the two have been friends since Zucker was Lauer’s boss on “Today “ back in 1992, it’s no surprise they were talking.

But now Zucker has been forced to publicly declare that Lauer is NOT being hired by CNN.

During one of his regular town hall meetings this week, Zucker told staff that the rumor was absolutely false. That is that. Now we wait to see if Lauer can still rise from the ashes and revive his career. After all, he is suddenly out of a LOT of money.

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