A Personal Message From Van

Life can be filled with a lot of joy and although I don’t get too deeply into my private life on the air or in my writings, and many of you have asked, I want to do that here today.I never thought I’d be in a position where so many people were interested in me beyond what I do on radio and in my books, but I’m considering it a compliment, so here it goes.

I am in one of my most joyous times of life, but it has taken awhile.Many of you know I have been alone for many years after a divorce. That event knocked the legs out from under me for quite some time. I obviously have had a very public life, but, back many years ago when this all happened, for a long time, I would go home, shut the curtains and have a pity party. That helped no one, but I guess I needed time to grieve.

Through a lot of prayer, as well as encouragement from others, I came out of that a number of years ago. I got back into the game with a lot of speaking engagements, sermon fill-ins, writing, public appearances and a busy, busy schedule. The old Van needed to come back and he did. I even did some dating which is a whole new scene than it was many years ago. Some of you have experienced this yourself and know what I am talking about.

When my alarm clock goes off at 2:45 weekday mornings I pray “Show me. Tell me. Send me. Show me what You have for me. Tell me what to do. And send me out to do it.” Some have called this a dangerous prayer. I’ve never heard an audible voice answer those, but I have found myself in incredible situations that are beyond coincidence. There have been many and I can only consider them miraculous.

I will tell you just one. After pretty much deciding I was going to be on my own for the rest of my life, which was fine with me, I met a Godly, happy, positive woman named Becky, who was also convinced that she too was going to be on her own for the rest of her life, and that was fine with her. You can probably tell where this is going.I’ll cut to the chase.

On June 19, Becky and I, along with 8 others, are leaving Des Moines for a missions trip to Zimbabwe, one of the poorest countries on the face of the Earth. We will be delivering shoes and shirts, teaching children in some schools, planting a church and I have been asked to deliver some sermons. We will return to Des Moines before the fourth of July.

On July 20th, Becky and I are going to be married in a small service here in the metro. We are both so happy and excited about the future. How did this all happen.I’m guessing 2:45 had a lot to do with it.

So there it is….and here we go!!!! Thank you all for your interest, your caring and your prayers.I am a blessed man.

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