Bigfoot sightings in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois BIGFOOT MAP

DES MOINES, Iowa - A new database of Bigfoot sightings is now available online.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization - BGRO has posted a new nationwide map that links to a database of reported Bigfoot sightings across the nation.

The organization shows a total of 76 Bigfoot sightings in Iowa, 15 in Nebraska, and nearly 300 in Illinois.


There is at least one Bigfoot sighting in nearly every county in Illinois. The largest number is in the southwestern part of the state, in Madison and Macoupin Counties, near the Mississippi River east of St. Louis, Missouri.


In Eastern Iowa, there are no Bigfoot sightings reported in Linn County near Cedar Rapids but there are a couple of reports in Johnson County, one near the Coralville Reservoir. There are more in Winneshiek County, in far Northeastern Iowa, and some more peculiar reports in far Eastern Iowa, where Bigfoot apparently screams.

In Scott County, near Davenport, there are three reported Bigfoot sightings, all include descriptions of the Bigfoot screaming.

In Central Iowa there are numerous sightings, most just northwest and west of Des Moines, almost all of them near a river or reservoir.

There are two Bigfoot sightings in Polk County, both near the Des Moines River; several in Dallas County, all near the Raccoon River. One of the more interesting reports in Central Iowa comes from Boone County... a semi driver reported watching a Bigfoot chasing a deer in an open field.

There are no reports in Story County, near Ames.


In the Omaha area, there are numerous Bigfoot sightings in Douglas County along the Missouri River, and another report by campers across the river in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

CLICK HERE for the Bigfoot sightings map.

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