Cliffhanger: 19-year-old falls off Iowa bluff, hanging on edge of cliff

Photo Julien Dubuque Monument City of Dubuque

DUBUQUE, Iowa - A 19-year-old has a live-to-tell-it story from this weekend.

The 911 coming into Dubuque police dispatch just before 9:00 Friday night: "One of the subjects did fall, fell about 50 feet down the cliff area, hanging close to the edge, and is injured."

Dubuque Fire and Rescue Dispatch audio reports two people climbed over the safety fence at the Julian Dubuque monument, and one of them fell down the steep bluff.

Rescue crews staged from both above and below, not sure at first how to get the teen out. They shut down the railroad below the bluff, brought out rescue boats and crews to a creek below the bluff, and finally with spotlights and safety gear were able to lead the teen safely down the bluff.

They say the teen has just cuts and bruises.

No word yet on whether charges will be brought against the two for climbing over the fence.

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