Last sighting in Des Moines: Looked mountain lion in the eyes VIDEO

DES MOINES, Iowa - There have been no new reports of Mountain Lion sightings in Des Moines over the weekend after a final sighting reported in south Des Moines around 10:00 Friday night.

The last confirmed sighting was reported to police was at SW 16th and McKinley in the early morning hours Friday--near the Fleur HyVee. Security video recorded the cat walking past someone's front door.

A caller to 911 just before 10:00 Friday night reported to the dispatch operator that he looked the cat in the eyes as it walked by. That report put the mountain lion on Chaffee Road, near the Fort Des Moines Correctional Center, not far from the Blank Park Zoo.

Some people on the Des Moines Scanner Club - Official Facebook page wondered if the mountain lion was being drawn by the smell of animals at the Zoo.

There have been no new sightings reported since then. See the VIDEO from the last confirmed sighting, near SW 16th and McKinley below, shared by Des Moines Police on their Facebook page.

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