NASA Says First Woman Will Land On The Moon By 2024

I LOVE that we're going to the moon again. I think moon landings always fuel optimism as people contemplate what we can achieve in the future.

Now, NASA plans to land a woman on the moon within five years.

The space agency announced this week it plans to send a woman and a man to the moon by 2024. It would be the first human landing on the moon in more than a half-century and the program is named Artemis, the name of Apollo’s twin sister.

This follows President Trump's announcement that he's adding one-point-six billion dollars to NASA's budget so that, as he tweeted, "we can return to Space in a BIG WAY." The last moon landing was in 1972.

I have a perfect candidate for the trip: astronaut Peggy Whitson of Beaconsfield.

Peggy Whitson has spent more time in space than any other American. Although she retired from NASA in 2018, I am SURE she'd come out of retirement for this opportunity.

I got to meet Whitson at a "Celebrate Iowa" gala and I honestly was star-struck (pun intended). I couldn't wait to shake the hand of an astronaut. Iowans would LOVE to cheer for her if she went to the moon.

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