If You Could, Would You Write Your Neighbor A Parking Ticket?

I often ask people to follow me on social media because I am blogging about stories that I had planned to discuss on my radio show, but ran out of time. This is one of those stories.

Do you think it's a good idea to allow your neighbors to issue parking tickets. Would YOU issue a neighbor a parking ticket?

We may find out if this is such a good idea very soon.

Washington DC Council member Charles Allen’s new bill would give people the power to ticket illegally parked cars with a simple cell phone picture. When people see a vehicle that is blocking a bike lane, blocking the crosswalk, blocking a fire hydrant, they would have the ability using an app on their phone to be able to take a picture and actually have a ticket that will be issued.

Allen says a measure like this is needed because a parking violation can pose a safety hazard for bikers and scooter riders, especially after the recent pedestrian deaths in the area.

He hopes to have the bill passed in the fall.

With the controversy over speed cameras in Iowa, I DOUBT such a proposal would pass locally. But admit it...emotionally, wouldn't YOU love to have this power.

I live in a townhome complex and some folks can be VERY inconsiderate when they park. And you JUST KNOW they are DARING someone to do something about it. I guess I'd favor giving ME the power to issue parking tickets...but not YOU.

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