The Latest Danger: Zombie Raccoons

During the morning show, we enjoy "warning" you about a lot of things.

Bonnie fears encountering things that have "more germs than a toilet seat."

Emery and I are warning of the inevitable robot takeover.

Wendy recently created a Bigfoot sighting map for Iowa.

Simon warns me of creating a "supergerm" due to my tub on hand sanitizer on my desk and is constantly watching the skies for UFOs.

And, of course, all of Central Iowa is on the lookout for a mountain lion.

Now add to our potential list of troubles: zombie raccoons.

It's true.

City officials in Riverside, Illinois are warning dog owners to be on the watch for zombie raccoons.

And no, that's not a new horror flick. Riverside police said they've seen an increase in the number of raccoons with the distemper virus that is found in dogs. They earned the zombie nickname because of the way infected raccoons walk, on their hind legs, staggering, and with their bare teeth showing, and circling.

Officials said they've been a regular problem in Cook County, but now they're seeing an increase in the virus in canines. Police are urging pet owners to get their dogs vaccinated.

The good news for dog owners is that zombies shuffle - even zombie raccoons, apparently. SO when you spot a zombie - be it raccoon or other - RUN!

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