Plans For A NASA Moon Base Have Leaked And I Am Here For It

We need to go back to the moon and Mars. I think we've lost a feeling in America that the possibilities for the human race are limited only by our imagination. But space travel unites us around that philosophy. That's why I'm cheering plans for a moon base.

NASA’s timeline for a moon base has been leaked.

Now the world knows how the U.S. will create a permanent base on the moon and how many rockets will head there. Internal documents show that NASA expects to launch 37 rockets to the moon within the next 10 years and half will carry astronauts.

The plans call for a rover to be deployed in 2023 and by 2028 the moon base is in the building phase. It’s pretty ambitious, but doable. A spokeswoman for the agency confirmed the documents are real and revealed the plans were briefed yesterday during a public session of the Science Committee to the NASA Advisory Council (NAC).

When it becomes a possibility, would you live on the moon? I could see some people doing that, but I'd miss Des Moines. If they had a craft beer tent and some food trucks on the moon, though...I'd definitely be willing to reconsider. Can anyone set me up with a good moon realtor?

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