Dunkin: Nope, We're Not Starbucks

I'll admit when I first saw the headline, "Dunkin: We're Not Starbucks," I at first thought this was another rhetorical shot in the coffee wars.

But it's about politics.

You and I have talked about this before: the decisions that companies make to go political in their ad campaigns. If the company feels it can be financial successful in its customer target group by going liberal or conservative, fine. But a number of businesses would like ALL the customers.

If you/ve been wanting the company behind Dunkin and Baskin Robbins to showcase politics in their stores, forget it.

It sounds like Dunkin’ Brand has had enough of it. Apparently, during a panel at the 2019 International Trademark Association (INTA) meeting in Boston, the company’s senior executives said the brands would stay politics neutral.

One attendee tweeted a quote from the vice president of brand stewardship Drayton Martin wherein the Dunkin’ executive says “we are not Starbucks, we aren’t political.”

Martin further specified politically provocative designs on cups was something Dunkin’ would not partake in: “We don’t want to engage you in political conversation, we want to get you in and out of our store in a matter of seconds.”

Basically, if you want to escape the chaos that is the divided country, you have a place to go.

I'm drawn to stories like this because - as a person who is involved in political activity on a daily basis - I DO need a break. That's why on television you'll find me watching HGTV. As for book reading - for enjoyment, I stick to westerns. Even the most passionate activist needs a few moments where there's no surprise political message. Dunkin is trying to be that place.

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