Things Our Parents Did That AREN'T OKAY NOW

I always get a big reaction from listeners when I talk about original Jarts. I recently was at a family event and my parents' house when we did into a box of outdoor toys in the garage. And there they were...REAL Jarts...from a simpler time when adults would get drunk in a backyard full of kids and throw steel-tipped spikes through the air at hoops.

While this wasn't a parenting mistake per say (Jarts were popular when I was growing up!), let's admit that when we were growing up there were a lot of things parents used to let us do that would never be okay today. Well, now some folks are sharing the more outrageous things their parents used to get away with and it’s bound to leave folks shocked.

Buzzfeed asked their users to spill the beans on those questionable parenting habits and many were all too happy to share.Things parents did back in the day that they couldn’t get away with now include (click here for more):

  • "At 6 weeks old, I rode in a cardboard box in the backseat of my parents' car as they drove across three states to introduce me to my grandparents."
  • "My mom used to send me into the store to get her cigarettes. She'd just have to wave at the clerk to show her consent."
  • "My mom used to leave me and my brother in the car when she went into the store. In the summer!"
  • “My parents dropped me, my brother, and two sisters (our ages ranged from 9 to 12) at the beach at 9 a.m. and picked us up at 6 p.m."
  • "Starting when I was in the second grade or so, my dad would stop at the end of the block and let me drive home. It was not a straight shot, and there were always a lot of people out."
  • “If I fell asleep in the car as a kid, my parents would just leave me in there until I would wake up and walk into the house. They'd leave the car unlocked so I could get out, but I wasn’t visible to them from the house!"
  • "My parents had no problem leaving my sibling and me (we were 11 and 13) for a whole weekend because they needed time away from us."
  • "When we were teething my mom rubbed peppermint schnapps on our gums to help numb the pain." 

By the way, the new WEIGHTED Jarts are not nearly as fun (they bounce!!!!!)

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