FREEDOM!!!! Lemonade Stand Bill Is Almost Law!

I keep thinking about an interview I recently conducted with US Senator Mike Lee about his new book, "Our Lost Declaration."

In the book, he salutes the reverence displayed by Americans toward the Constitution. But he wonders if we've forgotten the principles articulated in the Declaration Of Independence.

Life. Liberty. Pursuit Of Happiness.

I've been examining every law discussed by our Iowa legislature and the US Congress through THOSE principles. And it's a great way of looking at proposals.

Regardless of political party, EVERY politician can be persuaded to support yet another regulation or law for the "good" of society. Over time, our lives are slowly (and sometimes rapidly) being taken over by our government. Yet it is liberty that allows up pursue happiness in the United States.

Which brings me to celebrate the lemonade law in Texas.

It’s almost official, lemonade stands are protected by law in Texas.

A lemonade stand bill is headed to Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his signature after gaining unanimous votes Sunday in both the Texas House and Senate. The bill would allow kids to run a lemonade stand without paying fees or being required to get a license or permit.

A conference committee took out a Senate provision that would have let homeowners' associations limit stands only to children who live in the neighborhood. The final bill says kids only need the permission of a single neighborhood resident.

The “Save Our Lemonade Stands” bill was celebrated this week around the state with pop up stands.

Let freedom ring!

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